Velez is warmly endorsed by others like you.

    Bruce Vincent

    Planning Consultant

    "As a planning consultant, I have known both Johns for at least 25 years as colleagues in the land development field. John Velez and John Bacon have referred many projects to me. John Velez, over his many years, has a full knowledge of the vagaries and frustrations of obtaining Planning permission for development projects. I share those frustrations, and this state needs more people like John who can, with other like-minded representatives, continue to push for more sensible changes to land use regulations in this state. Best of luck on your campaign John!"

    Tanya Haddock

    “I have known John for 30 years and he is a kind, considerate, and generous man whom is honest, hardworking, dedicated, focused, and has integrity. We desperately need him in the senate. He will do all within his power to fulfill his promises, and bring power back to the people, where it should be! Please give him a chance to make a true difference! Vote for him, and spread the word! “

    Dwight Schwab

    Operating Partner // Keller Williams Portland Premiere

    "I have known and worked with John for almost a decade. I highly recommend him for this position. Just one of John’s strengths is that he is a relentless problem solver. He pursues a solution until an agreement is reached. He brings people together to achieve a win- win. He has excellent leadership skills and always comes from a position of inclusivity."

    Jason Fields

    Small Business Owner

    I believe in John Velez and John Velez believes in Oregon. John will work with our Legislature to insure all Oregonians in his district have a voice. He will work to solve the homeless crisis and insure adequate funding for our police. Please join me in supporting John Velez!

    Fred Figueroa

    Real Estate Agent & Small Business Owner

    I endorse John Velez and trust him to be our community leader . As my mentor, life coach and business consultant John Velez never ceases to amaze people with his continuous innovation and creativity to solve real-world issues on practical and complex scales. I encourage anyone to give John a phone call personally you will see that he return your call if he’s on the other line and truly does show care and compassion for any concern you may have. As well you will find your concerns are already in the plan to be addressed by John Velez. John Velez is a natural born leader who leads with his heart and does what is best for the people and the future. I endorse John Velez and trust him to be my community leader. This election will affect us all and we must make sure we have the right leadership in place to navigate what is and lies ahead. Vote for John Velez!


    Theresa Hammell

    Local Resident

    I have known John for 30+ years and he is hands down one of the most hard working, generous, selfless and successful people I know. His success is not only financial and professional but it is also in his ability to serve others whether family, friends, community or beyond. John is a person who doesn’t back down from a challenge, he rather, dives in both feet with a huge heart and shows up for anyone in need. Oregon would be blessed to have him as a leader and advocate!


    Renee Brouse

    Sherwood City Council

    I appreciate John's quiet but active involvement in the community. He asks good questions and searches for answers. He is pro business, supports our Police Officers, and helps tackle tough issues.


    Community Members


    Bruce Vincent

    National Federation of Independent Business/ORPAC

    Tanya Haddock

    Dwight Schwab

    State Senator Kim Thatcher

    Taxpayers Association of Oregon

    State Senator Tim Knopp

    Crime Victims United

    Sherwood Council President Tim Rosener

    No Tolls Oregon PAC

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